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Here at GSP Consultancy we are passionate about all things HR and Payroll.

In today’s competitive market there are continuous employment challenges as well as changes in employment law, for any business there can be a detrimental impact on the bottom line, business reputation as well as cost in time if not done correctly. We understand that SME’s may not have a dedicated Human Resources department to manage this but believe that business success shouldn’t be compromised as a result, which is where we come in.

We can offer a range of services to suit your requirements, from one-off projects to unlimited support or even pay as you go. GSP consultants come from a range of sectors and industries, with years of experience in the field, therefore understand your challenges, behaviours and aspirations.   Whichever service is best for your business you can rest assured that you’ll have a dedicated consultant with expert knowledge.

We understand that dealing with HR and payroll issues can be time consuming and a burden to businesses. We aim to take the burden away by providing full HR support; ensuring all documentation is up to date and relevant, leaving you to deal with the core of your business. We ensure all services fit with each individual business, not just creating generic solutions but those that truly fit with the way your business operates, striving even to get the style of writing of documentation to fit with your business literature.

We provide proactive solutions so clients also know of any potential risks, upcoming changes in legislation and how it’ll impact the business. Apart from helping clients improve existing employment practices, we also help to devise, and encourage the adoption of new and innovative practices.


What makes us unique

One of our consultants will spend time within your business, so we gain first-hand experience and a greater understanding of who you are and what you do.

You benefit from feeling like you have your own internal HR department who are fully engaged and passionate about the business, with the benefit of an external objective viewpoint.

Why do we do all this you may ask? – At GSP, we are very passionate about HR and Payroll and seeing individual businesses achieve their own growth and success.

Friendly yet professional service!




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