Case Study 1

Relocation of team

A client approached us wanting support to relocate their customer services team out of London and into Northern England. We worked alongside the client throughout the duration of this project establishing robust procedures. The process followed included:

  • Preparation: Developed written policies, template documentation including letters and scripts
  • We made an initial announcement to the impacted employees advising them of the plans to relocate their roles and provided an opportunity for questions and answers.
  • Following the discussion with the impacted employees we sent emailed communication to rest of the business so to make the process as transparent as possible.
  • Impacted employees were provided with a period of individual consultation as although there was a mobility clause within their contract of employment the relocation distance was not deemed reasonable therefore any refusal to relocate would result in redundancy.
  • As all the impacted employees did not wish to relocate we went through a redundancy process where we completed the following:
  • Consultation of 30 days (less than 99 employees were to be made redundant at one establishment over a period of 90 days or less)
  • Sought suitable alternative employment
  • Provided impacted employees with redundancy figures with explanation of how they had been calculated.
  • Recruiting and training new employees within the new location
  • Providing support to impacted employees to seek alternative employment where no suitable roles were found internally.
  • Holding dismissal meetings and dismissing employee’s by means of redundancy providing sufficient notice as per their contract of employment.


Project Details:


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