Case Study 3

Case study 2 – How to dismiss an employee with a poor attendance record
A client contacted us needing advice on how to deal with an employee who was persistently off work due to sickness. The employees sickness was not relating to a disability or underlying medical condition, but was for spells of colds, headaches etc. We advised that before an employee can be fairly dismissed for frequent short-term absences, the client must first be able to identify the attendance standards expected of the employee and demonstrate that the employee failed to meet those standards.

We provided the client with a detailed guidance of a fair procedure of how to deal with this employee:

  • a fair review of the attendance record and the reasons for the absences
  • an opportunity for the employee to state his case and to improve attendance within a set timeframe;
  • appropriate warnings if attendance does not improve;
  • Dismissal of employee if no improvement to sickness record
  • The right of appeal against dismissal, if appropriate.


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